Thursday , October 22 2020

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Horizon Zero Dawn – The masterpiece of combat games

Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is a third-person action role-playing game produced by Guerrilla Games, a studio owned by Sony. It officially released on February 28, 2017. The subsequent DLC Ice Dust Snow Wild released on November 7, 2017.   Horizon Zero Dawn Pictures I have to sigh the power of the …

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The producer of Westworld will create the “Fallout” TV Series

Fallout banner

The producer of Westworld will create the “Fallout” TV Series. Fallout TV Series: In recent years, many world-renowned games have been used in the shooting of film and television dramas, such as “World of Warcraft”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Hitman 47”, and earlier “Tomb Raider”, “Resident Evil”, “Silent Hill”, etc., these games …

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“Death Stranding” on Steam, developed by Kojima Productions

“Death Stranding” may not be a game that everyone will like, but it must be an excellent work of art worthy of appreciation. Some players say that Death Stranding is a large “express simulator”, which is not worth playing at all. There are also players who say that this is …

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“Orcs Must Die 3” IGN 7 points

“Orc must die 3” IGN 7 points, is still that funny tower defense game. “Orcs Must Die 3” is the third-generation sequel to the highly acclaimed tower defense game “Orcs Must Die”, which officially launched on the Google Stadia platform yesterday. IGN used to score 9 points for the first …

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Beautiful screenshot of “Ghost of Tsushima”

Beautiful screenshot of “Ghost of Tsushima”, who wants to fight at such beautiful scenery? Last night’s media ratings after the lifting of the ban by a lot of praise, even the truth of the Japanese IGN gave 9 points. But some media gave a lower rating, such as GameSpot gave …

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Halo new game: Halo Infinite

Halo as a nearly 20-year-old game, its excellent game quality by many players relish. Recently, it was announced that halo’s new generation – Halo: Infinite, will be announced on July 24. Halo Infinite: According to the trailer, the Master Chief is about to return, and as the most famous character …

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Nintendo officially announces Vigor officially landing on Switch platform

Game developer Bohemia Interactive’s new work, Vigor, landed on the Switch platform today. Nintendo Vigor on Switch: “Vigor” is a doomsday multiplayer survival shooting game, set against the backdrop of post-nuclear war in Europe and Norway. After the war, order collapsed and humanity was destroyed, players must fight for resources …

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Far Cry 6 full CG trailer leaked, still not on Steam

Far cry 6

It seems that Ubisoft’s secrecy work is not good enough. Previously, including the release date, you can upgrade to the PS5 version for free, and the day before the Ubisoft Forward conference, the full CG trailer of the work was also leaked, showing the background of the game: Yara internal …

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