Sunday , October 25 2020


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Hong Kong epidemic worsens, large people traveling to Mainland

Recently, there have been a number of local outbreak cases in Hong Kong, and the number of passengers entering the Shenzhen Bay port has been operating at a high level. Hong Kong epidemic: According to statistics from the Hong Kong Immigration Department, at the beginning of this month, only 1,000 …

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The opening date of Chinese cinemas has been set

Chinese cinema opening date at 20th

On the 16th, the Chinese National Film Administration issued a notice that cinemas in low-risk areas could be reopened in an orderly manner on July 20, under the premise of effective implementation of various prevention and control measures in movie theaters. Chinese Cinemas: The notice indicates that the medium and …

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Kobe Bryant inducted into 2020 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

Kobe Bryant 2020 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

Kobe Bryant inducted into 2020 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame, Tribute to the legend!! The Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame recently announced 2020 shortlist, with the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on the list. This year’s Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame ceremony will be held online on November 5 and …

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China bans Portugal sheep and related products

China General Administration of Customs: Prohibition of direct or indirect imports of sheep and related products from Portugal. China bans Portugal sheep: On July 9, 2020, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) announced that itchy disease occurred in Guarda, Portugal, involving 70 sheep. In order to protect the safety …

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“Orcs Must Die 3” IGN 7 points

“Orc must die 3” IGN 7 points, is still that funny tower defense game. “Orcs Must Die 3” is the third-generation sequel to the highly acclaimed tower defense game “Orcs Must Die”, which officially launched on the Google Stadia platform yesterday. IGN used to score 9 points for the first …

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Twitter hacked, Obama, Bill Gates, Musk, Bezos

It's hack happening

Twitter has been hacked on a massive scale, including bill gates, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Apple’s official Twitter account, Fox News reported Wednesday. Hackers and Bitcoin-related topics have hit Twitter hot. There is no immediate news that Trump’s Twitter account has been hacked. …

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