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In the second impeachment of Trump, the US House of Representatives acted



With only 8 days left in Trump’s term, the U.S. House of Representatives issued an “ultimatum” to Vice President Pence, asking him to remove Trump, while stepping up the impeachment of the president. The House of Representatives announced on the 11th that they plan to vote to impeach Trump again on the 13th. If the impeachment is ultimately successful, Trump will become the first president in American history to be impeached twice.

According to a CNBC report on the 11th, that day, Democratic congressmen have formally submitted an impeachment resolution, accusing Trump of “inciting violence” and “undermining the peaceful transfer of power procedures.” According to news from the office of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, they will advance Trump’s early “resignation” through two steps.

First of all, Hoyer said on the 11th that the House of Representatives plans to pass a resolution on the evening of the 12th, calling on Pence and the cabinet to pass the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution to remove Trump.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pelosi, said on the same day that the House of Representatives hopes that Pence will respond “within 24 hours” after the resolution is passed. Pelosi previously believed that the 25th amendment would be the most effective way to remove Trump. Although the House of Representatives is pressing hard, Pence has been “indifferent.” On the 8th of this month, sources revealed to CNN that Pence opposed the removal of Trump less than two weeks before Biden’s inauguration.

Taking into account Pence’s opposition to the recall, the House of Representatives is also stepping up the impeachment proceedings. Hoyer pointed out on the 11th that the House of Representatives plans to meet on the morning of January 13 to vote on the impeachment bill.

The chairman of the House Rules Committee Jim McGovern said in an interview with CNN on the 11th that the resolution to impeach Trump is expected to be passed in the House of Representatives on the 13th.

“The New York Times” believes that the second impeachment of Trump is extraordinary, which has triggered many new issues in politics and the constitution. There has never been a president impeached twice or at the last moments in office, and no president has ever been convicted. According to reports, once Trump is found guilty, the Senate can vote to ban Trump from holding public office again, and even disqualify Trump from running for president again.

According to the newspaper, the impeachment of a president generally involves two main steps. First, the House of Representatives will vote on whether to impeach. The draft impeachment will detail allegations that the president has endangered the country and constitute impeachment clauses. Once the impeachment bill is passed by a simple majority vote in the House of Representatives, the Senate must try and debate these charges. Only two-thirds of the senators in the Senate support the impeachment charges, and the impeachment can finally land, otherwise, the president will escape.

McConnell recently predicted that if the House of Representatives really initiates impeachment, the impeachment process may not be officially launched until the 19th. According to the arrangement of the Senate, the trial will not be completed until Biden takes office as president.

CNBC pointed out that when the impeachment case proceeds to the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans will have 50 seats in the Senate. If impeachment is to reach the two-thirds vote threshold, if all Democrats agree to impeachment, 17 Republicans will need to vote in favor. It is not clear whether the Democrats can gain the support of the Republicans.

After the riots on Capitol Hill in the United States, calls for Trump’s removal and impeachment have become increasingly louder. On the 11th of this month, the Democrats of Rhode Island, David Cicilline, Jamie Raskin of Maryland, and Ted Lieu of California formally proposed a resolution to impeach Trump.

The resolution article reads, “President Trump seriously endangers the security of the United States and its government agencies. He threatens the integrity of the democratic system and interferes with the peaceful transition of power.” The resolution accuses Trump of “inciting riots against the US government.” Behavior” also mentioned Trump’s pressure on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find votes”.

House Majority Leader Hoyer said, “Most of us believe that President Trump was involved in inciting violence and attacks on the U.S. Congress and democracy, and trying to sabotage vote counting.”

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United States

Trump refuses to testify during the Senate impeachment trial



Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on February 4 asked former President Trump to testify for his defense during the Senate impeachment trial. In this regard, a Trump adviser said that Trump will not attend to testify during the impeachment trial.

According to a report by the Associated Press on February 4, shortly after the Democratic Party made the request, Trump’s adviser Jason Miller denounced the trial as violating the constitution and said Trump would not attend to testify. Earlier, Trump’s lawyers submitted a document to the Senate on February 2 denying allegations of Trump’s “sedition”. On the same day, the Democratic impeachment representative of the House of Representatives submitted an 80-page briefing on the impeachment lawsuit and believed that former President Trump should be convicted.

According to the report analysis, although Democrats have no power to force Trump to participate in testimony, their purpose is to make the violence that occurred in Congress on January 6 to be recorded in history and make Trump responsible for his remarks.

The impeachment trial will begin on February 9. Trump has also become the first president in American history to be impeached twice during his term. On January 6, when the Congress was counting the electoral votes in the presidential election, Trump supporters violently stormed the Congress, killing at least five people. In his speech earlier in the day, Trump called on his supporters to “do their best” to change the outcome of the election.

According to the impeachment procedure, two-thirds of the senators in the final verdict must agree to the conviction before the impeachment can take effect.

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United States

Biden delivered his first foreign policy speech after taking office: Ready to strengthen cooperation with China



At 14:45 pm on February 4, after meeting with officials of the State Department, US President Biden delivered his first foreign policy speech after taking office. In nearly 20 minutes, Biden first emphasized: “The United States is back.” Said that the United States will work hard to restore relations with NATO allies and Japan and South Korea. On the premise of ensuring that US economic interests and intellectual property rights are fully protected, the United States is ready to strengthen cooperation with China.

Biden said that the United States and its allies are paying close attention to the situation in Myanmar, calling on the military to abandon force, release detained senior government officials as soon as possible, ensure that the rights of the Myanmar people are not violated, and restore domestic communication restrictions. Sanctions.

In addition, Biden said that U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin and Secretary of State Brinken will work together to re-examine the U.S. military strategic deployment in the world, suspend the military redeployment plan in Germany, and take measures to end the long-lasting and serious cause in Yemen as soon as possible. The military conflict between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis in a humanitarian crisis. Biden also said that the United States and Russia have just reached an agreement to extend the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” for five years to 2026. The United States is committed to effective arms control.

Biden emphasized that the new U.S. foreign policy is the domestic policy of the United States, and the essence of foreign policy is to protect the interests of the American people.

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United States

Biden turned his gun failed Obama



On January 20, Democrat Biden was sworn in as the 59th President of the United States in Washington, which also kicked off the prelude to the “turning out of chaos” that the elites of the two parties and the media under their command were expecting. On his first day in power, Biden lived up to expectations and signed 17 consecutive executive orders to liquidate Trump’s “political legacy.” Nine of them are directly related to the decisions made during Trump’s tenure, including returning to the WHO and the Paris Climate Agreement, stopping the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and revoking the U.S.-Canada “Keystone XL” oil pipeline construction permit. In addition to these, the Biden administration is also preparing to return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

On May 8, 2018, Trump announced his withdrawal from the treaty. Now Biden has released a rare positive signal and has received universal support from all countries in the world, of course, Israel is an exception. As early as the early stage of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear agreement, Israel vigorously opposed it. During the Trump era, the White House gave Israel this “great gift”, but now Biden wants to take it back, which naturally makes Tel Aviv highly dissatisfied. reported on January 27 that on January 26 local time, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, Aviv Kohavey, publicly warned Biden that it would be a “wrong choice” for the United States to return to the Iran nuclear agreement, and said harshly. Said that it “has instructed the Israeli military to re-formulate its military plan against Iran.”

Kohavey is the highest general in the army, and his words are also the attitude of Netanyahu’s cabinet. Perhaps Netanyahu himself is unwilling to over-stimulate the United States, and he made Kohavey stand up. As we all know, the influence of Christian “evangelicals” and Israeli lobbying groups in the United States is extremely large, which naturally includes both houses of Congress.

According to the three-dimensional system, if Congress is constrained, the president’s road to governance will be extremely difficult. A large number of Democratic Party members and sponsors are also Jews. For example, Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg, is a Jew, and he once participated with Biden. Primary election within the party. Perhaps it was precisely because of pressure from Israel and its allies that the second-day Kohavey warned Biden, the latter turned his “gun”.

The Associated Press reported on January 27 that the Pentagon announced on the same day that the U.S. military had sent a B-52 strategic bomber to the Middle East to deter “potential aggression.” Although the Pentagon did not “name by name”, there is no doubt that the U.S. deterred The target is Iran. If Biden really cannot withstand the pressure from Tel Aviv and domestic pro-Israeli forces, the Democratic Party’s plan to return to the Iran nuclear agreement is likely to be stranded, and Obama may be disappointed this time.

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