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Biden said that “U.S. influence is not enough when dealing with China.”



Biden said that "U.S. influence is not enough when dealing with China."

Biden, who is preparing for the transfer of power, finally talked about his China policy after taking office.

On December 2, Biden stated in an interview with The New York Times that after taking office, he would “stand in the same position” with the traditional allies of the United States in Asia and Europe and formulate a coherent China strategy. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen large-scale investment in “R&D, infrastructure, and education” in the United States to better enhance its “influence” in China.

Biden said that he will not sign a trade agreement with anyone before making large-scale domestic investments.

Biden said that "U.S. influence is not enough when dealing with China."

The New York Times published an interview with Biden by columnist Thomas Friedman on December 2 with the title “Biden: We Will Desperately Invest in America No. 1”. In the interview, Biden talked about the policies that will be implemented immediately after taking office, as well as the policy goals within 4 years.

Regarding China policy, Biden said in an interview that Biden said: “I will not take any action immediately.”

Regarding the policy towards China’s allies, Biden expressed his hope that after taking office, he hopes to first conduct a comprehensive review of the existing agreements signed with China and consult with the United States’ traditional allies in Asia and Europe. He said so that we can develop a coherent strategy.

Biden said: “I think the best strategy for China is for the United States to stand on the same position as every one of us, or at least our past allies. For me, during the first few weeks of my presidency, Let us return to the same position with our allies will be the top priority.”

Biden claimed that his goal is to implement trade policies to effectively curb certain behaviors in China, including “stealing intellectual property rights, dumping products by companies, providing illegal subsidies to companies, and forcing American companies to transfer technology to Chinese companies.”

In terms of domestic policy towards China, Biden said that when dealing with China, the US has not enough influence. To generate more influence, it is necessary for the two parties to reach a consensus on sound industrial policies, as well as large-scale investment in US R&D, infrastructure, and education led by the US government, so as to better compete with China.

Biden said: “I will not sign any new trade agreements with anyone until we have made major investments in the country, in workers and education.”

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United States

More Republican senators oppose impeachment, reducing the likelihood of convicting Trump



In recent days, more Republican senators from the US Congress expressed their opposition to holding trials of former President Trump’s impeachment case. Some analysts said that this sign shows that Trump is less likely to be convicted for inciting congressional riots on January 6.

According to a report by the Associated Press on the 24th, Florida Republican Senator Rubio said that he would vote to end the trial as long as he had the opportunity because it would be detrimental to the country and further aggravate partisan divisions.

Senator Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, believes that the constitution has no power to convict Trump after he leaves office, and said that more and more senators are beginning to support Trump and oppose impeachment.

According to the report, although some Republican senators agree that Democrats advance the Trump impeachment case, this number is still far from the number of people required for a successful impeachment. The approval of the impeachment bill in the Senate requires the consent of two-thirds of the members. It is estimated that Senate Democrats will need the support of at least 17 Senate Republicans to successfully impeach Trump.

According to previous reports, on January 13, the House of Representatives voted to pass the impeachment clause against Trump, accusing him of “seditioning rebellion.” Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice.

On the 22nd, Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced that the Senate will begin the Trump impeachment trial in the week of February 8. Once it is determined that the impeachment is successful, Trump may not only be unable to run for US president again in 2024, but he will also lose all the privileges of being a former president.

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U.S. COVID-19 patient dies hours after vaccination



A person infected with the new coronavirus in California, USA, died a few hours after being vaccinated with the new coronavirus on the 21st. The cause of death has not been identified, and it is not clear whether the deceased was vaccinated with Modena or Pfizer.

According to Fox News, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office in California announced on Saturday (23rd) that a resident who tested positive for the new coronavirus in December 2020 will be vaccinated on January 21, 2021. Received the vaccine, but died a few hours later.

The sheriff’s office said that at present, many local, state, and federal agencies are actively investigating the case. It is too early to talk about the cause of death, and the results of the investigation are still pending.

According to the report, it is still unclear whether the vaccine for the deceased was Moderna or Pfizer.

According to previous reports, a report issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 22nd showed that as of January 10, a total of 4,041,396 people in the United States had received the first dose of the covid vaccine developed by Modena in the United States, and a total of 1,266 cases of adverse effects were reported Reaction events (adverse reaction rate is about 0.03%), including 10 allergic reactions. Previously, the center reported that as of December 23, 2020, a total of 1,893,360 people in the United States had received the first dose of Pfizer’s covid vaccine, and a total of 4,393 adverse events were reported, including 21 allergic reactions.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, in the past month, an average of 423 people died of new coronavirus every day in California. The state has currently recorded 36,362 deaths.

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John Cornyn: If the Republican Party recaptures the Senate, the former Democratic President may be impeached



On January 23, the Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas warned that Democrats’ second impeachment against Trump may cause the Republicans to regain control of the Senate. The former president initiated impeachment.

According to a Reuters report on January 23, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted to pass the charges against Trump with the support of 10 Republicans. Trump was impeached for the second time on suspicion of “sedition”. On January 6, many Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol and five people died in the incident.

The “Congressional Riot” incident caused condemnation from both parties, and the Senate completed the certification of the election of Biden and Harris as president and vice president as scheduled. Despite this, many Republican senators opposed the impeachment of Trump.

Cornyn tweeted: “If impeachment and trial of the former president is a good idea, what should the former Democratic president do when Republicans get a majority (in the Senate) in 2022? Think about it, and then we Do what is best for this country.”

The report pointed out that Cornyn had served as a senator for 19 years and had distanced himself from Trump last year due to possible defeat.

On January 22nd, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate and Democrat Schumer announced that the Senate would begin the Trump impeachment trial in the week of February 8. According to the US Constitution, the Senate must be supported by at least two-thirds, or 67 senators, to convict Trump. Currently, the Democratic Party of the United States has only a small advantage in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The US House of Representatives impeached Trump for the first time in December 2019, accusing him of abusing power and obstructing Congress. In January 2020, the Senate of Congress rejected these two impeachment clauses after the trial.

Reuters pointed out that the two parties in the United States worry that Trump’s impeachment trial may distract people from the legislative process of Biden’s new administration. Schumer emphasized on Twitter on the 22nd that the Senate will complete the approval of Biden’s cabinet candidates, the formulation of a new epidemic relief bill, and the impeachment trial of Trump.

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