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U.S. athletes demanded that the Olympics allow protests and demonstrations, IOC President Bach clearly opposed



U.S. athletes demanded that the Olympics allow protests and demonstrations, IOC President Bach clearly opposed

Against the background of the emergence of anti-racist protests such as “BLM” this year, the recent “calls” for revising Article 50 of the “Olympic Charter” have become increasingly louder. This article prohibits any form of political protest and demonstration during the Olympic Games.

In response to this, Thomas Bach, Chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), published a signed article in the British “Guardian” on October 24, local time, expressing clear opposition to this “call” and saying that the Olympics has nothing to do with politics. It cannot be a “platform for demonstrations.”

In September of this year, American women’s hammer thrower Gwen Berry asked the International Olympic Committee to amend the Olympic Charter and remove regulations that prohibit athletes from protesting political, religious or racial issues during the Olympic Games.

The president of the World Athletics Federation Sebastian Coe also stated earlier in October that he believes that athletes have the right to make political protests during the Olympics. This statement clearly runs counter to the official policy of the International Olympic Committee.

On the 24th, the President of the International Olympic Committee Bach wrote to the British “Guardian” on this topic. The title of the article was “The Olympics are about diversity and unity, not politics and interests, and boycotts will not work.”

He said that the Olympics has nothing to do with politics. As a non-governmental organization, the International Olympic Committee strictly maintains political neutrality at all times.

“The Olympic Games is, above all, a sporting event. Athletes can demonstrate the perfect values ​​of excellence, unity and peace. They also express this tolerance and mutual respect by maintaining political neutrality in terms of competition rules and ceremonies.”

“This is why the rules and ceremonies of the games are set to protect the spirit of sportsmanship.” Bach believes that only when everyone respects and unites each other can the spirit of unity of the entire Olympic Games be displayed, otherwise the Olympic Games will be completely reduced to a demonstration of various demonstrations. The platform of activity constantly tears the world apart, not unites the world.

Bach was a former West German fencer during his time as an athlete and won the men’s foil team championship at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. He wrote in an article in the “Guardian” that the 1980 Moscow Olympics four years later gave him a deep memory.

For political reasons, the former West Germany participated in the boycott of the Olympic Games organized by the former Soviet Union, while Bach was the chairman of the former West German Athletes Committee. He said he realized that sports seem so powerless in the face of politics.

“I realize that sports organizations have little political influence, and as athletes, we have almost no say. Our voices will neither be heard by politicians nor will they be noticed by sports leaders. This is a very A shameful experience.” Bach wrote.

According to Article 50 of the Olympic Charter: “No demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda of any kind is allowed in any Olympic venues, stadiums or other areas.” Athletes who violate the regulations will be punished.

In January of this year, the International Olympic Committee also announced new guidelines for this provision, detailing that at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (which has been postponed to 2021 due to the epidemic), athletes will not be allowed to make kneeling or gestures. Or convey any political message of protest.

It is worth noting that at the Pan American Games held in Lima, Peru in 2019, two American athletes were punished by the US Olympic Committee for protesting at the award ceremony.

At that time, because of the different demands they had to express, the fencer Race Imboden kneel on one knee when receiving the award, while the hammer thrower Gwen Berry, who asked for the amendment of the Olympic Charter, did so. Raise a fist in protest. Both were sentenced to a 12-month observation period.

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Sun Yang announced the reason for the revocation of the ban: the chairman of the arbitration panel has bias and discrimination



On January 15th, local time in Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court issued a press release stating that due to prejudice and discrimination among an arbitrator of the International Court of Arbitration for Sports, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court decided to revoke the International Court of Arbitration for Sports’ treatment of Chinese swimmers. Yang’s eight-year ban was imposed, and the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal needed to form a new arbitration panel to make a new judgment.

On December 24 last year, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court issued a press bulletin announcing the cancellation of Sun Yang’s suspension from the International Sports Arbitration Court but did not disclose the reason. This communiqué is the first time that the Swiss Federal Supreme Court announced the reasons for reversing the above-mentioned judgment.

On February 28, 2020, Sun Yang was banned from the International Sports Arbitration Court for 8 years due to doping violations. Sun Yang appealed this decision to the Swiss Supreme Federal Court. According to the communiqué, Sun Yang pointed out in the appeal application that an article he noticed on the Internet platform in mid-May 2020 showed that Fratini, the chairman of the arbitration panel of the International Court of Arbitration for Sports, was biased and biased. Discrimination. The content of this article contains a series of comments Frattini made on the protection of animals on personal social media platforms from 2018 to 2019, in which discriminatory language was used against the Chinese.

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court held that Sun Yang’s investigation and evidence submission was effective. After investigating relevant remarks, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court found that the arbitration panel chairman’s series of violent statements were clearly problematic, some of which clearly pointed to the skin color of the Chinese. Moreover, some of the problematic statements were even published after he had been appointed as the chairman of the Sun Yang case arbitration panel. Therefore, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court supported Sun Yang’s questioning of the impartiality of the chairman of the arbitration panel and revoked the suspension of the International Sports Arbitration Court. The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal needs to reorganize an arbitration panel to hear the case and make a judgment.

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Lakers beat the Heat and won the NBA championship



The Lakers reached the NBA Finals for the 31st time and won the NBA championship 17 times. After all, the Los Angeles Lakers tied the Celtics and became one of the two teams with the most championships in NBA history. On the evening of the 11th, the NBA Finals played the sixth game. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 106-93, and with a hearty victory, the total score was locked at 4 to 2, winning the championship this season.

This is a historic championship trophy from James, which carries the will of the late legend Kobe Bryant. The only “small flaw” maybe that they failed to win the championship trophy in the last game wearing a “black mamba” jersey.

In fact, after the last game, many fans on social networks questioned the Lakers’ “overconsumption” of Kobe. There are also many angry Lakers fans who blame James for not being able to keep the record of winning the “Black Mamba” jersey.

However, when the Heat tenaciously has rewritten the total score to 2 to 3, the Lakers are still a more promising team to win the championship.

An interesting statistic counts the subsequent victories of teams that have achieved a 3-1 lead in history-259 rounds of the series have had a 3-1 lead, and 155 rounds of the series have been directly promoted 4-1, with a winning percentage of 59.8 %. In the remaining 104 rounds of the series, 70 rounds of the series advanced 4 to 2, with a winning percentage of 67.3%. In the remaining 34 rounds of the series, 21 rounds of the series were promoted to the tiebreaker, and the winning rate was still 61.8%.

Of course, historical data cannot influence the outcome of the game. It is the players themselves that really determine the outcome. As the core of the Lakers, James maintained a very good mentality after losing the last game. “For me now, I have always maintained a stable mentality. I live in the moment regardless of the high light or low point.”

“We can play better, learn from the loss, and show the difference.”

As James said, the Lakers in the sixth game really have a new look-coach Vogel replaced the starting lineup, replaced Howard with Caruso, gave up the advantage of height to strengthen the ball and speed.

Such a change also gave James more room for breakthroughs in the first quarter. Although James felt hot on the outside in the last game, James strengthened his breakthrough offense today. From the beginning of the game, he was badly confronted by the body, carrying the defender to score.

In the first quarter of the game, James used his strength to score 9 points, and scored 5 rebounds and 3 assists. More importantly, he did not make a single turnover in the first quarter. On the offensive end, James turned into “King-James”. On the defensive end, Anthony Davis, who played with injuries, set up a solid barrier on his own. No matter it is Adebayor, Claude, or Shiro, it is difficult to break through and score at the basket.

In contrast to the Heat, when the Lakers completed their changes on both ends of the offense and defense, they lost their previous toughness and strength. Especially the team’s core Jimmy Butler, he is under the Lakers’ mark, there is not much room to break through the offense. The teammates who felt hot in the previous game also failed to continue their offensive momentum.

Because of the huge contrast between the two sides, the Lakers took an 8-point lead 28-20 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter of the game, Rondo completed a breakthrough layup and shot an open three-pointer at the beginning, which completely opened the Lakers’ offensive horn. Anthony Davis withstood the soreness of his right heel contusion, hit consecutive shots, and even completed dunks with Iguodala’s defense.

In the Lakers’ “wave” offense, the Heat was completely “lost”. It is not difficult to see the mentality change from the free throws they missed consecutively. Butler missed two free throws from three free throws in the first half, while Claude and Adebayor combined to miss five free throws.

With Popper’s strong two three-pointers, the Lakers opened the point difference to 30 points in the first half. Finally, 64 to 36, with a 28-point lead back to the locker room.

It is worth mentioning that the 28-point halftime difference is also the second-largest halftime difference in the history of the NBA Finals.

In the second half of the game, the Lakers did not leave the Heat with more counterattack opportunities-at the end of the third quarter, the Lakers still led by 29 points. Although the Heat hit a 7-0 climax in the fourth quarter, the Lakers stabilized their position and did not let the victory slip away again. So far, the Lakers won the 17th championship trophy in team history, and this is a very different one. Not only because the team reached the top in a special environment and schedule under the new crown epidemic, but also because they have been fighting with Kobe’s will.

As James and Davis have repeatedly emphasized before, “This season is to fight for Kobe.”

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Real Madrid midfielder Erdgau has been infected with the coronavirus



Real Madrid midfielder Erdgau has been infected with the coronavirus, according to Spanish radio station Zero and Radio Ser.

In the match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad two days ago, Erdgau made his first battle.

After returning to Madrid, the Real Madrid team was tested and Erdgau’s test result was positive. Real Madrid needs to recheck him to confirm that he is indeed infected. Radio Zero stated that this is because there have been many “false positives” before, and Erdgau is currently quarantining at home.

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