Tuesday , October 20 2020
The EU issues an "ultimatum" to the UK, and the UK will respond on the 16th
The EU issues an "ultimatum" to the UK, and the UK will respond on the 16th

The EU issues an “ultimatum” to the UK, and the UK will respond on the 16th

On the 16th, the German Minister of European Affairs Ross stated that the EU hopes to reach a trade agreement with the UK, but will not do anything at all costs. The day before, the European Union called on Britain to take necessary actions in the negotiations on the future relations between Britain and Europe, otherwise, it would prepare for a “no-deal Brexit”. The British side expressed “very disappointed” and said that the British Prime Minister will respond on the 16th.

According to the report, since the 15th, EU leaders held a two-day summit in Brussels, Belgium. The heads of state will exchange views on issues such as Brexit, climate change, and the development of new crown vaccines. Among them, the most-watched topic on the 15th was Brexit.

The European Union issued an “ultimatum” to the United Kingdom on the same day, stating that the United Kingdom must either compromise on a new economic partnership or prepare for a “no-deal Brexit” within three months. “We are concerned about the lack of progress. We call on the United Kingdom to take the necessary action.” European Council President Michelle said.

German Minister of European Affairs Ross also said, “We must not endanger peace in Northern Ireland. In terms of consumer protection, the environment, and workers’ rights, we need fair trade conditions that prevent dumping.”

Frost, the chief negotiator for Brexit, said on social media that he was “disappointed”. He added, “There are still people suggesting that, in order to reach an agreement, all future actions must come from the UK, which surprised me.” He said that British Prime Minister Johnson will present a British response on the 16th.

Johnson has previously stated that October 15 will be the deadline for the UK to reach a trade agreement with the European Union. If an agreement cannot be reached by then, “the two parties should accept this fact.”

The UK will formally leave the European Union on January 31, 2020, but it is still in a transitional period as of December 31, 2020, so it must comply with EU economic and trade rules. The two sides have launched multiple rounds of negotiations to negotiate future economic and trade agreements and other related arrangements. However, there are still big differences in fisheries issues, and the protection of fair competition and substantial progress is limited.

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