Tuesday , October 20 2020
The 90-year-old British grandmother gave herself a special birthday present
The 90-year-old British grandmother gave herself a special birthday present

The 90-year-old British grandmother gave herself a special birthday present

An old British woman, Patricia Baker, gave her 90th birthday present, a thrilling skydive. On October 4th, local time, the hard-core grandmother, dressed in a red skydiving suit and accompanied by a coach, leaped from an altitude of more than 4,500 meters to fulfill her birthday wish.

For such a thrilling extreme event, Grandma Tricia was very calm. “It feels great, although I am a little scared, it feels really good!” She said, “I was a little nervous when I was sitting on the plane and I stretched my legs out of the plane, but we flew out immediately. This is the first time An incredible experience, like flying in the air.”

Tricia said that after the parachute landed, she pulled her back a bit. At that time, she was shocked and her body hurt. “But I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

In any case, Tricia was satisfied with her wish. She also raised a sum of money for two charitable organizations in this extreme sport. Tricia is from Lancashire, England. She has 3 children and 10 grandchildren. She worked in a factory before retiring. Earlier this year, when she talked about the bucket list while chatting with a friend, Tricia thought that skydiving was a good idea. “I realized that I didn’t have a bucket list, but I could do something special on my birthday. I have always liked skydiving, so let’s do this!” she said, “I used to ride in a hot air balloon and played many years ago. Paraglider, but never tried this.”

Considering that Tricia was already 90 years old, the doctor did not give her a medical certificate that allowed her to jump. Tricia went directly to the skydiving center and passed the medical examination. To ensure good health, she also does 50 sit-ups every morning.

In fact, Tricia’s birthday was in July this year, but at that time the new coronavirus epidemic still required people to stay at home, and the parachuting date was pushed to October. When Grandma Tricia landed safely, Carol, who was waiting for her daughter on the ground, finally let go of her heart: “It’s anxious to watch her in the air. Today is a bit windy, so I am a little worried.” With a blow, Tricia’s landing place moved about 800 meters laterally from the original plan.

“I am very happy to see her landing safely,” Carol said. “Interestingly, I was not surprised when I heard that she wanted to skydive. My mother is very healthy, cheerful, and outgoing, and very nice. I am proud of her. Skydiving at this age is an achievement.”

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