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Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games
Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games

Horizon Zero Dawn – The masterpiece of combat games

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is a third-person action role-playing game produced by Guerrilla Games, a studio owned by Sony. It officially released on February 28, 2017. The subsequent DLC Ice Dust Snow Wild released on November 7, 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games
Horizon Zero Dawn – The masterpiece of combat games


Horizon Zero Dawn Pictures

I have to sigh the power of the Decima game engine. Whether it is the vast and diverse vegetation or dynamic weather effects. Sometimes it is sunny, sometimes squally rain, lightning and thunder. There are a variety of landscapes in the game, such as deserts, snow-capped mountains, rain forests, and ice scenes like DLC. The colorful natural beauty, set off by the powerful picture, makes people linger.

Whether it is the particle special effects generated when the weapon collides with the machine, the explosion effect when the mechanical beast falls to the ground, or the screen special effect when the head of the long-necked beast is covered, it is breathtaking. The game also has additional graphics options on the 4K monitor. It can turn on HDR, with 4K resolution under PS4 Pro. Therefore, it can be said that it is the strongest picture effect of Sony’s first-party game.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games


Horizon Zero Dawn Plot

The story takes place nearly a thousand years in the future. Human beings degenerate into primitive tribal society due to the invasion of biological machinery and the destruction of mankind. The remaining humans, like their ancestors, carry on the matrilineal clan. However, the destruction of ancient humans and the rule of mechanical creatures over this continent are still unknown.

There are three tribes in the game, the Nora, the Carja, and the Oseram. The Nora was a hunter-gatherer who lived on the mountain and worshipped nature. The Kariya is a city-builder living in the desert who worships the sun. The Oseram is a repairman for metalworking, brewing and arguing.

The protagonist’s identity as a tribal exile is revealing his own life experience step by step while exploring this vast world. Whether it is the intrigue between the tribes or the final plan of Zero Dawn, it will be slowly revealed. The game seems to want to express a common topic. How can the relationship between mankind, technology, and nature coexist correctly?

Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games


Skill tree and combat style

The protagonist has 36 skills available in the game, which are divided into three categories: the stalker who optimizes stealth to kill enemies, the brave who optimizes combat effectiveness, and the forager who optimizes resource collection. They are unlocked by the skill tree obtained by upgrading.

Combat is mainly based on third-person shooting elements, of course, the main character Eloy also has a spear melee weapon. Melee weapons play a huge role in sneaking, can instantly cause high damage to the enemy, but also through the cover command to control the mechanical beast.

The most used weapons in battle are bows. In addition to bows and arrows, there are also rope mixers and slingshots. And different types of bows and arrows also have different attributes, divided into fire, thunder, and ice. Fire can cause mechanical beasts continuous damage. Lightning can make them rigid and immobile, and mechanical beasts in frozen state can cause additional damage to them.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games


Arms and armor

The main character can carry with four weapons at the same time, you can switch freely in battle. Body parts only available with one set of clothes. The equipment can be set in different coils, three coils tops. The coil provides damage and handling of various properties, which are the speed at which the weapon is fired. The equipment provides the resistance of different attributes, the resistance of melee weapons, and concealment, that means the sneak is more difficult to find.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The masterpiece of combat games



It divided the main tasks into mainline tasks, branch tasks and errands. Of course, it also contains some elements of exploration of bandit camps, long-necked beasts, deterioration areas, hunting grounds, casting factories and tutorials.

Although the branch task is mostly to find things, hunting machinery and animal running errands task-oriented. But there is some valid information that reflects the rich information contained in the world. The branch task designer was also involved in the design of the main tasks of The Witcher 3. Although not as high as the “Witcher 3” mission story, but as an ARPG, has been very good.


The game’s graphics and combat system are very good, and the branch missions are also remarkable. The disadvantage is that the lack of weapons, and the combination of equipment is relatively simple. The playing time is longer, it will feel relatively simple. But fortunately, the great charm of the battle makes people enjoy it. Other characters in the main storyline are less impressive. And if you only play the mainline, you can pass through the game level in about 25 hours with low difficulty.

Primitive tribal society, high-tech mechanical monsters, was originally two kinds of things. However, in the game’s specific world settings, there is no trace of disobedience.

The sky swept over the huge mechanical strange birds, or wandering in the desert drilling of the huge mechanical beasts. Dress up as a tribal exile, explore and hunt in this land.

The sparks emitted by the bows and arrows and metal frictions of the weapons, or the explosive effect of mechanical animal parts scattered all over the place, are unusually addictive. So that let people at any time behind the main story, let people into the battle, the story of what seems to be less important.

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