Tuesday , October 20 2020
Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel's Spider-Man

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” Is The Best-Selling Exclusive In North America

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” is the best-selling exclusive in North America, and the top five in “The Last of Us Part II”.

Since its release in September 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man has sparked a lot of discussion about the game. Proponents argue that the work is a good way to restore the experience of “Spider-Man” and satisfy the sense of “Spider-Man” fans in a pure Marvel world. Opponents can always find a variety of minor problems, such as the lack of deep combat systems, the repetition of high map feeders, and even the empty, mediocre, an innovative open-world itself.

Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s SpiderMan” may not be the most acclaimed game. However, a recent list by Mat Piscatella, a video game analyst under the world-renowned analytics group NPD, shows that “Marvel Spider-Man” ranks among the exclusive PS4 game sales in North America. Top of the leaderboard-that is to say, “Marvel’s SpiderMan” must be a success in business.

Although these statistics only involves the North American game market, it should almost show the same situation globally. It’s no wonder that the new works of the “Spider-Man” series can be launched on PS5 so quickly.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” Metacritic score

Finally, the top five PS4 exclusive games in the North American game market been released, and how much difference does it differ from everyone’s expectations?

Marvel’s Spider-Man, 87.

God of War 4, 94.

Horizon Zero Dawn, 89.

The Last Of Us: Part II, 94.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, 87.

Notably, “The Last Of Us: Part II”, which is much more critical than Marvel Spider-Man in terms of “controversial” got to fourth place, and there was more room for improvement over time.

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