Saturday , November 28 2020

Italy Ministry of Education promised to resume classes in September

The Italian government may end its state of emergency by the end of this month, under pressure from opposition parties and right-wing forces in parliament, the Euronews news agency reported. Italian Prime Minister John Conte said over the weekend that Italy could end the state of emergency on July 31. Meanwhile, Italy’s Ministry of Education has promised to resume classes on 14 September.

Italy resume classes: According to reports, Italy is the first country in Europe to declare a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 epidemic and implement blockade measures nationwide. This move not only won valuable time for the fight against the epidemic, but also won the understanding and support of most people.

According to a series of epidemic prevention decrees signed by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Italy will implement a six-month state of emergency from 31st January. Nationwide closure measure from 10th March to 3rd May. The second phase of anti-epidemic and economic recovery from 4th May, and a ban on cross-regional travel and the opening of borders to some European countries from 1st July, with conditions opening its borders to non-EU countries.

On July 10, Prime Minister Conte, who was attending the event in Venice, stressed in an interview with the media that in order to further consolidate the results achieved in the fight against the epidemic, the government considered extending the state of emergency to the end of this year.

Conte said that according to the development situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in the international community and the actual situation in Italy, after July 31, there are still sufficient reasons to maintain the national emergency until December 31 this year. The state of emergency can ensure the effective control of the epidemic situation, accelerate the recovery of the social economy, maintain the normal social production and living order, and the government decisively formulate response measures and policies according to the changes in the epidemic situation.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on the 13th that the new anti-epidemic decree motion has amended the national emergency deadline to October 31, but in the end, the motion was rejected by the opposition party.

Italian media reported on the 18th that Prime Minister Conte, who was attending the summit in Brussels, seemed to have compromised on whether to extend the national emergency. The emergency will officially end on July 31.

On July 18th, the Italy Minister of Education, University and Scientific Research, Lucia Azzolina, who was attending the event in Turin, promised the public that all schools will start and resume classes on September 14th.

Azzolina said that students and parents do not need to worry about the school reopening. The government has spent 1.6 billion euros to improve the school’s teaching environment to ensure the need for epidemic prevention and health and safety. In addition, the government will add 1 billion euros in education funds to solve the problem of teachers and education resources, and effectively guarantee the normal reception of cultural education and learning for young people.

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